A successful PR plan is about more than just sending out a press release and hoping it sticks.

We spend the time up front to understand exactly what you do and what you want to achieve. We then set our sights on designing a customized communications plan to take you there. 

We utilize everything in our toolkit – messaging, press, influencers, social media, creative content, events and partnerships – to design integrated campaigns that are smart, creative, and effective. 

We're on the phone with journalists crafting stories, stategizing outreach initiatives and pitches every day, but we also plan global media tours, develop presentations and submit your person, product or project for award recognition. 

We do all those things and more, including:


Media Relations


Positioning Statements 

Message Points

Communication Rollouts

Editorial Coverage

Media Training

News Distribution


Targeted Media Lists - National, Regional, Local

Press Release Distribution

Media Follow Up 

Media Placement Monitoring and Tracking

Trade Show Support


Trade Show Support

Speaking Opportutnites

Marketing Support

Competitive Analysis

Media Analysis

Writing/Content Services


Press Releases


Social Media Content

Website Development/Support/Maintenance

Bylined Articles


Case Studies

Strategic Social Media Positioning


Content Development / Creation

Continuous Streaming Fresh Materials

Strategic Alliances

Competitive Review

Audience Analysis / Poll

Press Conferences/Tours


Product review programs

Event planning