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Its not just the media channels that are telling stories - 

Everyone is...

How do you bridge? By connecting with an audience through experience that brings a real benefit to them.

The customer experience is bottom line and our agency helps companies of all shapes and sizes increase market awareness and traction with the key audiences they wish to reach.

We're Excited to Tell Your Story


We tell our client's stories in a distinct voice that breaks through the clutter and attracts the desired audiences and customers that impact the bottom line.

Your Goals Are Our Goals


We are dedicated to building brands, fostering growth, increasing sales, attracting investment and supporting our client partners in every respect.

About Us


Knowledge & Experience

When it comes to communications, one size does not fit all. An organization’s brand voice and message should be determined by its business goals.


Building Great Reputations

Our philosophy is centered around creatively over-delivering and tailoring everything to our clients. Every message we develop, every pitch we send, every tweet on a client’s behalf is unique, and considerate of the strategic vision. 


Earned, Not Purchased

Our programs are designed with calculated intention to meet our clients’ business goals for growth via brand awareness, lead generation, thought leadership, sales, and everything in between. 


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We are here for you!

We  believe that a business with a great public relations team can make a great impact on  the world. Take the first step: contact us, and together, we will help  you get your message to the world.

Story Dept.

Story Dept. 1607 Verdugo Blvd. La Canada, CA 91011 US

(818) 864-6363